A True Fishing story and an Almost True Fishing Story


“I will tell you a True Fishing Story and an Almost True Fishing Story”

“This friend of mine over in Wisconsin, well he didn’t live over there, he lived over there when he was a kid.” “

He lived in Rockford Illinois same as I did.”

“I played pool with him a couple of times and him and I decided to go fishing over in Wisconsin just across the line.”

“There was a lot of night crawlers, you would catch your own night crawlers, you would go out at night time shine a flashlight, they was just going everywhere.”

 “What we did we made up those electric prongs you stick in the ground, then they come up and they stay up, they don’t go back under because it shocks them.”

“Anyway he was telling me about a place you could catch a lot of bullhead catfish.”

 “These bullheads he was talking about weighed between 3.5 to 5 lbs they was big ones and apparently it was the right time of year, so we left out about 10 o’clock that night and headed out for Wisconsin.”

” After we got there, there was this hillbilly bar right on the lake and it had a walkway out on to the water.”

 “The walkway went out made a right and went out further, I mean we was probably about 100 feet of the shore”.

“We went out there about 1 o’clock in the morning”.

 “Now when we left there at about 3 we had a tub full of catfish, there was probably about 35 catfish in there but it was heavy because they weighed about 4 pound apiece”.

 “Now he and I both was fishing with 3  fishing poles, we baited up the same way and we go out there we cast out as far as we could and set our poles down”.

 “Well he started catching them right away (I think the difference was he knew what he was doing), he would catch one and I’m sitting there watching my poles, I aint getting no bites, if I am I don’t know about them”.

 “He caught 5 or 6 fish and finally  I reeled one in”.

 “I couldn’t understand we were baiting the same way, everything was the same.”

 “But that guy, If we caught 35 fish he caught 32 of them and I caught about 3”.

 “Now this is the Truth”!

“He reached out hooked one and started reeling it in and his other pole was moving so he reached out like this (picked up the pole with one hand and set the hook) set it back down, about that time his other pole was moving, he kicked that one caught all 3 fish”.

 “He reeled this one in then he picked this one up reeled it in… I couldn’t even catch one and here he was catching 3, I guess I didn’t know what I was doing”.

“That was my true Fishing Story”

“My almost True Fishing Story, Which is just as amazing”.

“After that I went fishing, fishing in the same place and I hooked onto a fish, a big ole catfish and I reeled that..,

 “That sucker was so big and had been hooked so many times and got away with the hook in him, he had so many hooks sticking in him, that we never even bothered cleaning him, we just took him down to the scrap yard and sold him for iron and we got #1 iron price outa that guy”.

“haha.., That’s almost the honest gods truth.